BSAC Technical Advanced Nitrox

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The Technical Advanced Nitrox course is aimed at the diver who wants to increase their diving knowledge and to progress into technical diving. To enroll in the course the divers must hold a minimum dive grade of sports diver (or equivalent) with an additional 20 dives since passing the course. Upon completion of the course the diver will be certified to 45 meters and be able to use any nitrox mix up to 50%

Big Blue Package – 45,000 THB
- Air Conditioned Accommodation
- Boat Fees
- Equipment Rental
- Gas fills and Cylinder Fees

- Study Crew Pack with reference CD-Rom
- Big Blue BSAC Club T-Shirt and Mask Strap
- Certification

Course Outline

The theory of the course is identical to that of the recreational advanced nitrox course with the addition of an equipment lecture about the new equipment you will be using (twin sets and a side tank). The student will then do a dry practical session learning the new equipment and the various ways to set it up and maintain it. When it comes to the open water dives, this is where the course really changes. The course consists of 8 dives instead of 2 as in the recreational course and gives the student plenty of time to build up their confidence on the new equipment, first in shallow water then progressively deeper and deeper water.

Theory Lessons

The theory lessons will take you through all the necessary knowledge required to allow the student to dive safely with richer nitrox mixes and to use nitrox to add an additional safety factor to their decompression stops. They will also introduce the student to the new equipment they will be using. The course will cover the following areas:

• Introduction
• Pressure and Nitrox Mixtures
• Nitrogen and Nitrox Diving
• Oxygen and Human Physiology
• Equipment for Nitrox Diving
• Personal Equipment
• Nitrox Mixing and Analyzing
• Dive Organization and Management
• Theory Assessment

Dry Practical

The dry practical is a chance for the students to get there hands on the new equipment they will be using. They will be taken through all the equipment and shown how to assemble it and make sure everything is set up for their own personal comfort and ease of use.

Open Water Dives

Dives 1 and 2 are basically warm up dives with the new equipment in shallow water, 6 meters max. This gives the students time to familiarize themselves with the new equipment and to make sure everything is set up properly and within easy reach. They will also be introduced to a few simple skills to help them get used to the new equipment

Dives 3 and 4 will get progressively deeper and introduce the students to more new skills and give them chance to practice old skills. Someof the skills you will have to perform include staging and retrieving side tanks, shutdown drills, DSMB deployment, long hose swim, air consumption checks and several more.

Dives 5 and 6 will both be run as simulated deco dives and the students will be given a list of skills to perform during their bottom section of the dive before they have to come up and simulate their deco stops. Not only will the students be judged on their ability to perform the skills required but they will also be judged on their ability to accurately follow a dive schedule.

Dives 7 and 8 will be full deco dives, which the students will plan themselves. They will be to a maximum depth of 45 meters using a maximum nitrox mix of 50%. During the dives the Instructors will be assessing their abilities to plan and execute the dives, especially their abilities to stick to maximum depths and follow their planned run times

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