BSAC Recreational Advanced Nitrox

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The recreational advanced nitrox course is aimed at divers who are wanting to expand their diving knowledge and skills but don’t want to advance into full tech diving with twin tanks etc. To enroll in the course the divers must hold a minimum dive grade of sports diver (or equivalent) with an additional 20 dives since passing the course. Upon completion of the course the student will be rated to 40 meters and capable of using Nitrox mixes up to 50%

Big Blue Package – 10,000 THB
- Air Conditioned Accommodation
- Boat Fees
- Equipment Rental
- Gas fills and Cylinder Fees

- Study Crew Pack with reference CD-Rom
- Big Blue BSAC Club T-Shirt and Mask Strap
- Certification

Course Outline

The course basically introduces the students to the meticulous dive planning and practical skills required when diving and decompressing using enriched nitrox mixes. This includes monitoring time spent at different depths and tracking different partial pressures of oxygen in order to avoid oxygen toxicity. The students will be taught how to use nitrox tables safely and also be introduced to the use of nitrox computers. The course is taught with a back tank and either a pony bottle or a side tank. This helps to minimize the need for the student to familiarize themselves with a lot of new equipment like some of the more advanced Tech courses.

Theory Lessons

The theory lessons will take you through all the necessary knowledge required to allow the student to dive safely with richer nitrox mixes and to use nitrox to add an additional safety factor to their decompression stops. The course will cover the following areas:

• Introduction
• Pressure and Nitrox Mixes
• Nitrogen and Nitrox Diving
• Oxygen and Human Physiology
• Equipment for Nitrox Diving
• Nitrox Mixing and Analyzing
• Dive Organization and Management
• Theory Assessment

Open Water Dives

As the course uses equipment the student is already familiar with there is no need to spend several days doing warm up dives in the pool or shallow water to adjust to the new equipment. This means you can get straight in and get on with the dives. There are 2 dives for the Recreational Advanced Nitrox course. Both these dives are run as Simulated Deco dives. During the dives the student will have to monitor their depths (not exceeding the maximum planned depths), DSMB deployment, gas switching and run times.

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