BSAC Equipment Technician

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The BSAC Equipment Technician course helps give divers a greater understanding of how their equipment works. It covers the Aqualung range of equipment starting with un-balanced regulators moving up to over balanced regulators. The course also covers power inflators and BCD repair. During the course the students will be taught the correct procedures to service, repair and trouble shoot the regulators along with the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures. The BSAC Equipment Technician is not an official Aqua Lung repair technician but the course is conducted according to Aqua Lung`s requirements.

Big Blue Package – 12,000 THB
- Air Conditioned Accommodation
- Certification

- Study Crew Pack with reference CD-Rom
- Big Blue BSAC Club T-Shirt and Mask Strap

Course Duration

The course is conducted over 2 days, including plenty of time after each session for practicing on the equipment

Course Content

The first section of the course is the Calypso regulator, a popular choice with dive centers as a rental regulator. The student will be given a fully set up regulator (1st stage, 2nd stage, octopus, gauge and LPI hose) exactly how they would receive them in a working environment. They will then be taught the proper sequence for trouble shooting the regulator, then the correct strip down, cleaning and rebuild sequences. As the course goes on the student will gain a greater understanding of how the regulators work and also solving common problems like leaking SPG’s etc. At the end of the session the students will have plenty of time to practice their new skills before moving onto the balanced regulators.
The second section of the course covers the new Titan balanced 1st stage and the Legend over balanced 1st stage. This again will cover the correct procedures for stripping down, cleaning and rebuilding the 1st stages. The students will be able to see how the regulators differ to an un-balanced 1st stage and also what makes an over balanced 1st stage different from a balanced 1st stage. After completing the two 1st stages the students will move onto the balanced 2nd stage and again will be shown the main differences between it and the un-balanced 2nd stage.
The final section of the course covers the Powerline inflator and BCD repairs. Again the students will be shown the correct procedures for servicing the Powerline inflator and also the best way to clean and maintain the units. With the BCD repair the students will be taken through the correct procedures to follow when patching a BCD. They will be taught how to locate a puncture and to assess whether it is suitable for patching or not. Again at the end of the course there will be plenty of time for the students to practice on the regulators and inflator units.
The BSAC Equipment Technician is not an official Aqua Lung repair technician but the course is conducted according to Aqua Lung`s requirements.

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