BSAC Boat Handling

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This four-day course is designed to give students with little or no boat handling knowledge or experience, instruction in small boat handling. It covers techniques relevant to diving and related safety knowledge. The first half of day one covers the theory fundamentals with practical sessions in the afternoon, and then all of day two is spent doing practical sessions.
Many divers find this the most enjoyable course we do. It provides or enhances skills dramatically over a weekend that can often be further refined in the branch.

Big Blue Package – 30,000 THB
- Air Conditioned Accommodation
- Certification

- Study Crew Pack with reference CD-Rom
- Big Blue BSAC Club T-Shirt and Mask Strap

Entry requirement
This course is open to all over the age of 14. No diving qualification is needed to do this course.

What you’ll learn
The Boat Handling course has a mix of classroom-based and practical lessons, teaching you:
• familiarisation with the boat and its equipment.
• owner and driver responsibilities.
• boat handling basics – operating a boat, launching/loading and retrieval
• voyage planning – weather, tides, area familiarity, crew and ‘get home’ plan.
• both sheltered and open water handling.
• anchoring and diving.

The fun bit
As there is a maximum of three students per instructor, there’s lots of hands-on action with this course. You’ll feel the thrill of driving a boat at high speed, and face the challenge of conquering new skills and techniques. When you’re not driving yourself you’ll be practicing new skills as part of the boat crew.

Learning materials
Your course pack includes all the learning materials you need for the course. The pack includes: Seamanship: a guide for divers book, the Boat Handling course manual and a Qualification Card application.

How to do this course…

If you are a member:
You can do the Boat Handling course either at a BSAC Regional Event, at a commercial BSAC Seamanship Centre or in your BSAC club. Not all clubs run their own Boat Handling courses, please check with your Diving Officer if you are interested. Big Blue BSAC offer this course on request.

If you are not a BSAC member:
You can do this course by joining a local BSAC club and training with other club members or through a BSAC Regional Event. Or you could do the course at a BSAC Seamanship Centre. Big Blue BSAC offer this course on request.

Your next steps
After this course you could further your training by doing another Skill Development Courses (SDCs) such as the ones listed below. Or you could progress with a Diver Grade Course.

BSAC Chartwork and Position Fixing SDC
BSAC Diver Coxswain Assessment SDC

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