BSAC Sports Diver

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The BSAC Sports Diver course is the perfect way for certified divers to advance their diving skills and experience, accessing new and exciting diving activities.

To enroll onto a BSAC Sports Diver course you need to be qualified as a BSAC Ocean Diver [or equivalent].

BSAC Sports Diver training introduces advanced diving techniques and procedures, allowing you to dive deeper for longer, getting your first taste of both decompression diving and nitrox.

Usually scheduled over 4-5 days, training will include theory, sheltered water lessons and 5 open water dives.

Big Blue Package – 22,000 THB
- Fins, Mask, Snorkel to keep
- Air Conditioned Accommodation
- Study Crew Pack with reference CD-Rom
- Big Blue BSAC Club T-Shirt and Mask Strap
- Seperate Nitrox Certification and one nitrox dive.
- 3 additional depth progression dives to 35m

Theory Lessons

BSAC Sports Diver theory lessons focus on diver rescue, advanced equipment and techniques such as shot lines and using delayed smbs, plus planning for deeper diving.

We’ll look at gas planning and partial pressures and learn how to plan decompression dives which allow us to extend our bottom time at depth.

Sheltered Water Lessons

The focus of sheltered water training during the BSAC Sports Diver course is on rescue techniques, further developing the skills introduced during the BSAC Ocean Diver course.

We’ll look at emergency procedures for self-rescue, and providing surface assistance to a buddy.

Open Water Lessons

Over 5 open water dives you’ll log at least 150 minutes underwater and experience a range of different diving conditions.

During the dives we’ll practice rescue skills such as revision of the buoyant diver lift and recovering the victim to shore to administer CPR.

We’ll also look at using a safety marker buoy [SMB] during a dive and practice compass navigation. You’ll be responsible for planning and leading a dive, plus review all the basic diving skills.

One of the dives will be planned and executed as a simulated decompression dive, putting what you learned during your theory lessons into practice.

Plus you’ll assume you first leadership responsibility, acting as an assistant dive marshal.  This will involve maintaining a dive log to record and track safe buddy pairing and dive profile monitoring.

At the end of the course you have the option to take 3 more depth experience dives, allowing you to get certified to dive to a maximum depth of 35 metres.

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