BSAC Advanced Diver

The BSAC Advanced Diver certification is designed to recognize divers whose commitment to diving, skills, techniques and overall management ability put them at the pinnacle of all recreational divers.

BSAC Advanced Divers are role models who are able to plan and execute very advanced diving activities such as dive expeditions to remote areas.

The course requires applicants to be certified as a BSAC Diveleader or equivalent, and features theory, dry practical lessons and many open water sessions.

Big Blue Package – 35,000 THB
- Certification
- Boat Fees
- Equipment Rental
- Gas fills and Cylinder Fees

- Air Conditioned Accommodation
- Study Crew Pack with reference CD-Rom
- Big Blue BSAC Club T-Shirt and Mask Strap
- Separate Nitrox Certification and one nitrox dive.

Theory Lessons

The BSAC Advanced diver course begins with theory regarding the role of an advanced diver, especially with respect to planning diving activities in unknown areas utilizing tide and weather data.

We’ll look at equipment configuration, and support to advanced diving, including considerations such as rebreathers and mixed gases, and expanding our operations to include diving from different platforms.

Buoyage, rules of the road and crewing will be discussed, and we’ll make a review of diving conditions and on-site first aid provision and emergency management plans.

Open Water lessons

In the water, we’ll begin by reviewing self and buddy rescue techniques, then put them to the test in an advanced rescue scenario. This will be followed by using all your diving theory to plan an expedition, and manage diving activities at an unfamiliar and remote location.

In total, the BSAC Advanced Diver course requires logging 20 dives since qualifying as a BSAC Diveleader, with a combined duration of at least 600 minutes. You’ll be experienced acting as a dive manager at a range of locations, including unknown, remote dive sites.

The BSAC Advanced Diver puts to the test everything you’ve learned as a diver. Gaining this high qualification gives you both prestige and personal satisfaction, marking your expert level ability and experience as a diver.

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