The South China Sea is a marginal sea that is part of the Pacific Ocean, encompassing an area from the Singapore and Malacca Straits to the Strait of Taiwan of around 3,500,000 km². Depending on measurement, it is the largest or second largest body of water after the five oceans.

It is located

* south of mainland China and the island of Taiwan,
* west of the Philippines,
* north west of Sabah (Malaysia), Sarawak (Malaysia) and Brunei,
* north of Indonesia,
* north east of the Malay peninsula (Malaysia) and Singapore, and
* east of Vietnam.

The minute South China Sea Islands, collectively an archipelago, number in the hundreds. The sea and its mostly uninhabited islands are subject to competing claims of sovereignty by several countries. These claims are also reflected in the variety of names used for the islands and the sea.

- HMS Repulse Wreck| 3-4 days | Deep air technical diving – 45,000 THB

repulse Tech Diving Trips

Run over three or four days, technical dives on the HMS Repulse are in the 50 – 65M range, making the trip perfect for newly certified technical divers and people looking to build up experience.

Ideal for deep air dives or normoxic trimix, the HMS Repulse offers exciting wreck diving opportunities, enjoyed by even the most seasoned technical divers. We make two technical dives per day, so usually six dives during the trip.

This trip departs from Singapore to the South China Sea

- HMS Prince Of Wales | 6 Days | Deep Trimix Wreck Diving – 85,000 THB

princeofwales Tech Diving Trips

The HMS Prince of Wales trip is longer, usually conducted as a 6 day tech live-aboard expedition, again fitting in 2 dives per day so a 12 technical dives in total.

The depth range of technical dives on this route is 50 – 80 metres, so wreck dives on this trip are suitable for trimix divers or trimix diving courses. It’s also a good opportunity for CCR divers to enjoy long bottom times on some spectacular WW2 wrecks.

What’s included:

Technical diving live-aboard expeditions are run on a very regular basis – normally twice a month, plus very occasional recreational diving trips. All meals are provided, a mixture of Indonesian and international cuisine.

Technical tours take a maximum of twelve divers. Twins (2 x DIN aluminum 11 or 13litre) and DIN deco cylinders are included, all other equipment is available for rent. We are CCR rebreather – friendly. If you can put a group together, we’re more than happy to give you a daily charter price.

Cost of Oxygen is minimal, maximum of US$10 per diver- total usage divided amongst the team, (if we can be bothered to do the maths)!

Continuous Flow Nitrox to 40% included in the above.

Trimix is also blended with continuous flow, helium costs 3baht/litre. Helium analyser on board.

For CCR Divers, all popular brands of rebreather sorb are available on-board (but please confirm you’re requirements prior to the trip), and oxygen can be boosted to 200 bar if required. We have CCR rebreather cylinders to fit all popular CCR units.


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