Historically, the BSAC Instructor Crossover program was designed for both its branch and dive centre systems, with the crossover course syllabuses being identical for both systems.

Instructors that are crossing over from other agencies usually find that in the BSAC crossover program there are many new areas in both the theory aspects and practical dive topics and skills that were not covered by their previous dive agencies syllabus. Such topics include, advanced dive planning , tidal and current predictions, Nitrox diving, altitude diving, Seamanship and boat diving activities, surface navigation to locate new dive sites, Oxygen administration and decompression diving are just a few areas to mention.

As a BSAC instructor, you would be expected not only to have revised and be knowledgeable in these new subjects,  as well as being practiced in the skills that are required to deliver that particular course, but you also should be able to effectively teach such theory/skills to a high standard.

In part, the BSAC Instructor teaching and study materials are very comprehensive in their contents, with direct and clear information both on the background of the topic being taught, together with the best method of teaching the lesson. These publications are a very effective way of bringing these crossover instructors up to speed and will fill in any such gaps.

To assist the new instructor in becoming more familiar with these new elements, BSAC Thailand has extended the duration of the crossover course  by an extra 2 –days so that such areas can be covered. Over these two days, the course Instructor will conduct both theoretical and practical workshops in the above forth mentioned subjects. As BSAC Thailand endeavors to produce Instructors that are highly knowledgeable and experience in all of the syllabus / subjects, we are running these additional days at no extra cost to the candidate. In addition to this, as part of the crossover course, we will be conducting the BSAC Oxygen Administration Instructor course. This is also free of charge, resulting in each candidate being issued the Instructor rating for this course. Our thinking behind this is that all of our instructor should be able to administrate oxygen if any diving incident should arise.

For more information about this course, please contact BSAC Technical Director at les@bsacthailand.com

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