dsc04701 225x300 BSAC Advanced Nitrox Diver Course in Thailad

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue BSAC celebrates the graduation of Kelli Bennet, Colin Thompson and Soren Egeberg from their BSAC Advanced Nitrox Diver Course conducted over 3 days by BSAC Advanced nitrox instructor Ash Dunn on Koh Tao Island off the coast of Thailand.

The BSAC Combined Nitrox course gets you qualified to dive safely using multiple cylinders containing nitrox mixes of up to 50% oxygen, executing decompression dive profiles.

It’s your first big step into deep sea technical diving, giving you longer at depth, enhancing safety and opening up new and challenging dive sites.

The BSAC Combined is made up of two separate courses – the BSAC Nitrox Diver course and the BSAC Advanced Nitrox Diver course. You’ll  undertake a mix of theory, skill development and open water sessions.

After a course orientation, you’ll review some basic physics principles and learn the benefits of diving with nitrox.

Then you’ll practice calculating maximum operating depths for different nitrox mixes and take a look at the physiological effects of breathing nitrox at depth – both benefits and potential problems.

You’ll discuss the special equipment considerations of diving with nitrox blends containing more than 40% oxygen, and learn about procedures for mixing and analyzing nitrox. Finally you’ll cover organization and management of nitrox diving activities, before sitting an exam.

First is learning to don and adjust multiple cylinders before entering the water working on your buoyancy control. Then you will be practicing executing your planned dive profile, performing gas switching procedures and managing you breathing and deco gases.

You’ll perfect decompression stop procedures necessary for a safe ascent, incorporating gas consumption checks, which will allow you to plan future dives with greater accuracy.

You’ll need to demonstrate mastery of these techniques, planning and executing decompression dive profiles to perfection before being signed off as a BSAC Advanced Nitrox Diver.

Qualifying as a BSAC Advanced Nitrox Diver opens up the opportunity to dive deeper, accessing more challenging sites.

Deep wreck sites which are numerous throughout Thailand and South East Asia – qualifying as an Advanced Nitrox diver takes you to the cutting edge of recreational diving.

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