img 1331 225x300 BSAC ERD (Extended Range Course) in Thailand

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue BSAC celebrates the successful graduation of Daniel Mabellis from his BSAC Extended Range course conducted over 4 days on Koh Tao Island off the coast of Thailand by BSAC Extended Range Instructor Ash Dunn and assisted by Mark Slinn and Duncan Tyler.

The BSAC Extended Range Diver [ERD] course is a full technical diving qualification, enabling you to make deep decompression dives using high percent oxygen nitrox mixes [up to 100% O2] to accelerate your decompression stops during ascent.

The course includes theory, shallow water skill development and executing open water dives to a maximum depth of 50 metres.

In the practical sessions, Daniel make a series of dives, working progressively deeper to a maximum depth of 50 metres.

Daniel practiced and mastered many skills such as safety checks and visualization techniques, dealing with out of air situations and gas switching.

Daniel also practiced fitting and removing stage cylinders underwater, deploying a delayed SMB from depth, ascent procedures and proper position for decompression stops.

Gas management and use of run time slates was important, plus utilizing lazy shots and decompression trapezes. Daniel worked on underwater navigation at depth, deploying and using distance lines on the bottom, use of jon lines and emergency stage cylinders.

Daniel was also involved in briefing support divers and helping to arrange a deco station and emergency equipment, plus much more.

This is a full-on course, which is very challenging. But once you qualify as a BSAC Extended Range Diver the possibilities are endless – get ready for exploration and adventure!

The course was completed with 2 dives on the Unicorn Wreck off the coast of Thailand, Daniel continues his training with a Trimix course in Singapore on the HMS Repulse wreck.

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