Koh Tao, Thailand

aqualung 300x227 BSAC Repair Technician Course Completed in Thailand

Big Blue BSAC celebrates the graduation of Technical Diving Instructor Intern James Foleher from his BSAC Repair Technician Course conducted over a 2 day hands on workshop by Instructor Kieron Mc Clintock.

The workshop is designed to make the technician familiar with Aqualung’s equipment including the PowerLine Inflator (TM) found on their BCD’s. The hands on workshop explores the strip down, service and repair of unbalanced, balanced and environmentally sealed regulator first stages along with a variety of second stages.

In addition to the repair included a troubleshooting and adjusting section to enhance the equipment’s performance and provide the best service to students and customers.

After completing this course James will be team teaching the next scheduled session to work toward becoming a BSAC Repair Technician Instructor.

This course is recognized and supported by Aqualung and gives the student the authority to conduct warranty repairs and service.

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