bsac thailand 300x215 BSAC Ocean Diver in Thailand

Koh Tao, Thailand

Big Blue Diving instructors Yvonne Fries and Hele Artal recently completed a BSAC Ocean Diver course conducted over 3 days on Kok Tao Island off the coast of Thailand. This was the first BSAC Ocean Diver Course conducted by the diving school which followed a successful cross-over program a few days earlier.

The Instructors were thrilled with the differences in theory and commented that they were allowed to teach what really matters in diving and not so much “fluff and sales”. This was also combined with skills that were based on repitition ensuring that the essential foundation skills were mastered before progression of depth could be achieved.

Looking back on the course the Instructors, who are also technical diving instructors, described the course as a challenge that unless the instructor is passionate about teaching divers then it wouldn’t be the course for everyone.

As for the 7 students, they loved their course but without anything to compare it to who knows. Several decided to continue their education and progress on to the BSAC Sports diver course as they found the course work to be challenging and gave them a sense of working for their certification.

The BSAC diving programs reflects diving in realistic conditions ensuring that once the student has completed the course, that they can dive these conditions with safety and enjoyment.

Learning to scuba dive with the BSAC is easy. BSAC adopts a progressive teaching method; breaking down the dive skills into small manageable steps making it very easy for the student to reach the required standard of competence. The theory knowledge is also very easy to understand by using effective teaching aids and issuing you with a comprehensive support materials and student pack.

Theory knowledge lessons are conducted by your Instructor who will use simple small manageable steps. Using simple and understandable terminology makes the theory lessons easy to grasp. On the open water dives; again we use progressive training building-up your open experience and depth experience dives, gradually.

Our BSAC Instructors have been trained to high standards and are highly experience people, Yvonne Fries is a triple certification instructor and won the SSI Most Certifications Issued Award, Helen Artal is also a triple certification instructor and is also one of the first female SSI Technical Diving Instructors in the world.

Big Blue Diving will continue to offer BSAC programs along side their PADI and SSI ones giving our customers more options and choices to chart their diving hobby. But be forwarned it’s not a certification gained easily but when you get your card it’s well worth the effort!

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